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Набір із двох віммельбухів англійською

Набір із двох віммельбухів англійською

Олена Бугренкова

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540 грн.
Категорії: Віммельбухи, Малюкам
Артікул: 100157
Розміри: 260мм x 335мм x 20мм
Вага: 660г
Рік: 2022
Кількість сторінок: 10
Палітурка: картон
Мова: українська, англійська
Папір: картон
Автор: Олена Бугренкова
Ілюстратор: Олена Бугренкова


Discover the world and learn English with colorful wimmelbooks!

Welcome to the city of professions! Here everyone will find a lesson to their liking. Look closely, there reporter Zoryana goes live on Molochny TV, and industrial climber Levko finishes installing a sign on the roof. Archeology professor Rudolf the Red-tailed made an incredible discovery, and farmer Lucy reaped a wonderful harvest. Find all the professionals and choose who you want to be when you grow up!

Cheerful animals have no time to be idle! In winter, hedgehogs build an ice hut, an elephant makes a snow angel, and a lion sleds. In the spring, hares start playing sports, and the hamster family gets their yoga mats. On hot summer days, bears play badminton and cows try to catch up with the wind. In autumn, the badger collects mushrooms, and the family of red-tailed foxes harvests in their garden. Have fun with animals, get to know the seasons and be sure to find all of these characters on the pages.


Why you should get this book:

·         Encourage Observation Skills: Wimmelbooks challenge children to pay attention to details, sharpening their observation skills and visual discrimination abilities.

·         Foster Imagination: Wimmelbooks are typically illustrated with busy, colorful scenes that depict a variety of characters and scenarios. Children are encouraged to use their imagination to create stories and narratives about what they see.

·         Promote Language Development: Wimmelbooks can also promote language development by encouraging children to talk about the different scenes and characters in the book. This can help build vocabulary and develop language skills.

·         Enhance Cognitive Skills: Wimmelbooks require children to use their cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, and problem-solving, as they search for specific objects or characters in the illustrations.

·         Engage Kids for Hours: Wimmelbooks can keep children engaged for hours, as they explore the different scenes and try to find hidden objects or characters. This makes them great for long car rides, waiting rooms, or other situations where children need to be occupied.

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