Flash cards 'First words'

Flash cards 'First words'

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500 грн.
Категорії: Перші книжки, Малюкам
Артікул: 000317
Розміри: 13.5см x 16см
Рік: 2022
Вік: 3+
Кількість сторінок: 20 карток, 40 слів
Мова: англійська
Папір: картон


FLASH CARDS is an entertaining training kit to introduce English to your curious child!

This is a surprisingly simple and effective method of memorizing new words — its benefits have been proven by neuroscientists. The main feature of this amazing technique is to pause and forget. We know it may sound a little weird, but that’s the way the spaced repetition technique works.

We wish you every success in learning English!


Why FLASH CARDS are cool?

·         Vocabulary development: Flashcards are a great way to help kids learn and expand their English vocabulary. By introducing new words in a visual and interactive way, flashcards can help kids remember new words more easily.

·         Reading skills: Flashcards with English words can also help kids improve their reading skills. By associating words with pictures, kids can learn to recognize and read new words more quickly and accurately.

·         Memory improvement: Flashcards can help improve kids' memory by challenging them to remember and recall new words. By regularly practicing with flashcards, kids can improve their memory and retention skills.

·         Interactive learning: Flashcards with English words can be a fun and interactive way for kids to learn. By involving kids in the learning process and making it more engaging, flashcards can help kids stay focused and motivated.


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