Collect the rainbow. Animals of Africa

Collect the rainbow. Animals of Africa

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100 грн.
Категорії: Малюкам, Перші книжки
Артікул: 000350
Розміри: 105мм x 105мм x 18мм
Вага: 125г
Рік: 2022
Вік: 0+
Кількість сторінок: 20
Палітурка: тверда
Мова: англійська


Guess which animals are hidden inside this book!

This colorful cardboard book for small kids show the various African animals and help to learn new English words in a fun way! This series was illustrated by Veronika Chaika, whose colorful and vibrant illustrations bring the pages to life in a magical way.

It is said that rainbow is a symbol of good luck, gather all seven books each representing a different color and find yours!


Why series of cardboard books are cool?

Durable: Cardboard books are sturdier than regular paper books, making them ideal for small kids who are still learning to handle books properly.

Educational: Books with different animals can teach children about the world around them and help them develop basic knowledge and vocabulary.

Portable: Cardboard books are lightweight and easy to carry, making them great for on-the-go entertainment or travel.


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